Election party results for June 2018 election

These results reflect the consensus of the group, and are not necessarily the opinion of the host or any particular attendee.

Ballot item Consensus Notes
Governor 50% for Newsom, 15% for Villaraigosa, 35% undecided Newsom is generally favored more in Northern California, Villaraigosa in Southern California. Newsom seems more progressive, but some were concerned he was wishy-washy on positions.
Lieut. Gov. Jeff Bleich After the meeting, one of our knowledgeable participants noted that there was another good candidate with strong endorsements- Gayle McLaughlin
Secretary of State Alex Padilla  
Controller Betty  Yee  
Treasurer Vivek Viswanathan Although Fiona Ma also had some support, a persuasive editorial by the  San Jose Mercury News persuaded the group to support Vivek
Atty. Gen. Dave Jones After reviewing endorsements for Becerra and Jones, the group supported Jones
insurance commissioner Ricardo Lara  
State Board of equalization, 2nd district Malia Cohen Malia seems like an excellent candidate with a clearer understanding of the positions than her running mates.
United States Senate Diane Feinstein 60%, Kevin de Leon 15%, 25% undecided there was a spirited debate. People commented that Feinstein has become more progressive, and knows how to work the Senate for the benefit of California. DeLeon is more of a "not business as usual" progressive. Although this was appreciated, the majority of participants felt that Feinstein's effectiveness was important in the Trump administration times.
United States representative 20th district Jimmy Panetta there was strong support for Jimmy, with several participants having worked with him successfully
state assembly 29th district Mark Stone there was strong support for Mark who is a strong environmentalist. A couple participants questioned if he was too inflexible about his environmentalism.
Superior Court judge Syda Cogliati several people knew her and felt she was smart and qualified
superintendent of public instruction Tony Thurmond Tony's list of endorsements was very impressive and persuaded the group
supervisor third district Ryan Coonerty I believe support for Ryan was unanimous, but there may have been somebody who supported Steve
measure 68 yes 80%, no 20% the opposition was more about opposition to  this type of bond, with nobody opposing what this bond was going to fund
measure 69 yes after a clarifying conversation about what this was for, the choice was unanimously yes
measure 70 no this appears to be an attempt to prevent Democrats from spending cap and trade funds without Republican approval
measure 71 yes although there were some questions about potential side effects, this universally supported constitutional amendment seems to make sense
measure 72 yes this removes a disincentive to installing rainwater catchment systems. Although some questioned this piecemeal approach, support for the idea was unanimous
city measure S 55% undecided, 25% yes, at 20% no people were concerned that while our city is in a financial crisis, that a 30 year tax increase that went to the general fund provided no assurance that the city would be responsible in addressing the pension crisis with the funds raised. Instead, it could potentially use the money for pet projects, adding staff with even more pensions, etc. The general sense was, if we had a fiscally responsible city Council, this would probably be a good idea. But as the consensus spread between yes, no, and undecided shows, there was not great confidence in this.
City measure T yes this law enforcement prioritization came from a 2006 ballot measure, and is no longer relevant and could potentially cause problems for current law enforcement. This measure repeals the original measure.
city measure U no consensus A lengthy conversation occurred about the pros and cons of UCSC growth, and whether this was the most effective mechanism for people who opposed university growth to express that concern. One participant pointed out that sending a letter about the planned development on campus might be effective. If you don't want the University to add 10,000 students, you should probably vote yes on this. If you think adding 10,000 students is a good idea, you should probably vote no. But in either case you should probably know that the result of this ballot measure will have no direct influence on the University.


In addition, we did an evaluation of five brands of guacamole… Yes you read that correctly! For purposes of snacking, and a desire to try out my pun ScienTaste, we did a blind taste test.


First thing to note was there was no clear consensus. Every one of the choices was the first and last choice of at least somebody. So people's taste in guacamole varies. But if you're bringing guacamole to a party, and you're going store-bought, this will help you know the most popular choice at  New Leaf


The winner was Miya's Guacamole Gourmet (bowl C). This chunkier guacamole has pretty standard ingredients, but was the clear favorite among the 14 people who completed a voting card.this guacamole comes from Oakland.

In second place was Casa Sanchez "real guacamole" (bowl A) - this chunkier guacamole has tomatoes cucumbers and onions in addition to standard guacamole ingredients. this guacamole comes from Hayward California.

In a very close third place was Yucatán Organic Guacamole (bowl B). This organic guacamole is much smoother than the first and second place winners. People who chose this seemed to generally prefer the smoother options. So if you like smooth guacamole, you may be in the minority, but this might be your guacamole of choice. Yucatán guacamole comes from Mexico and is imported through a Los Angeles company.

In fourth place was Yucatán "authentic flavor guacamole" (bowl D). This was somewhat less preferred than the organic version. The ingredients were mainly the same, but the organic version in third place contain sugar while this one  does  not.

In last place,  was Roberto's of Santa Cruz Guacamole Mild (bowl E). this guacamole comes from Watsonville. Several people commented on a stronger vegetable like flavor, which made it one person's favorite, but less popular in general.


I have the voting forms, so if you want to know what you personally chose, let me know.


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